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Create broadcasts available for everyone with an unlimited number of concurrent viewers.

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Limit access to your broadcasts with one password for all the viewers or set personal passwords for each.

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Stream from multiple sources in one player. A viewer can choose from which angle the broadcast is more interesting to watch.

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Allow your viewers to switch to their preferred language while watching a video. An event can be translated into multiple languages by interpreters and sent to the platform as a multitrack.

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Protect content from illegal capturing and redistribution with Watermarking – Facecast’s specifically developed feature. The technology creates a unique footprint on audio and video for each viewer to trace the source of the data leak, regardless of how the content was recorded and posted.

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Organize a simultaneous broadcast of events taking place in different halls or rooms. The viewer can choose which event to watch.

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Record content for broadcasts in advance and show viewers as parts of a live stream.

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Conduct broadcasts with SSO single sign-on authorization using OAuth 2.0.

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Stream events simultaneously to multiple social networks, platforms and embed videos on any website to attract more viewers from different sources.

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In Local Networks

Make your broadcasts available only within the company. Send the access link to employees who are authorized to watch the broadcast.

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