Live Stream Concerts in 4K with the Original Sound Quality


Make virtual music events unforgettable. Broadcast concerts, music festivals, and orchestra performances. Facecast will cover stream stability, high resolution, and sound quality.

Experience Unforgettable Virtual Music Events with Facecast

Concert Sound

Enhance audience experience by disabling audio conversion, allowing the original track to be streamed to the player without compression.

Seamless Streams

Ensure uninterrupted live streaming with Facecast Evacoder using bonding. Utilize Evacoder to combine up to 16 connections, improving speed and stability.

Advanced Analytics

Gain insights on viewer engagement and traffic sources with Facecast Advanced Analytics. Analyze watch times, connect Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics, and optimize content quality for effective ad management.

4K Resolution

Capture every detail of concerts with high-resolution streaming in 4K and beyond. Ensure an immersive experience for your audience with crystal-clear video quality.

Deliver an Unforgettable Experience to your Audience with High-Resolution Streaming and Original Sound Quality

High Resolution and Stability

Stream in 4K resolution or even higher. For Full HD and 4K broadcasts, we recommend using Facecast Evacoder with guaranteed data delivery.

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Multi-camera Streams

Elevate your live streaming experience with multi-camera feeds. Stream from multiple sources in a single player and give your viewers the power to choose their preferred angle for a more personalized experience. Let your audience see every detail and capture every moment of your event with Facecast’s multi-camera streaming.

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Multi-password Access

Keep your concerts private with multi-password access. With Facecast, you can make broadcasts and recordings of your concerts accessible only to ticket holders. Each viewer will receive a unique password, ensuring the privacy and exclusivity of your event.

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Perfect Sound

Deliver perfect sound to your audience with Facecast’s audio options. Customize audio settings to ensure that the audio is delivered to the viewer as intended, without any platform transcoding. Disable volume normalization and peak level adjustments to transmit all sounds without any restrictions, creating an immersive concert experience for your audience.

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Our support team is happy to answer any of your questions about video tools and features 24/7.

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