About Facecast

Our platform provides an inclusive and user-friendly solution for streaming and video hosting. It fits all business necessities, allowing our clients to organize events of any scale and complexity, collect and analyze viewer data, and store content for an unlimited time.

4 CDNs

for continuous streaming and viewer comfort

8 years

in the streaming market

41 years

of streaming footage

100 000+

broadcasts created with us


99,9 %

Provide the best experience. Our smart algorithms distribute traffic between 4 CDNs. The player provides the viewer with the best source. Smart selection algorithms seamlessly switch between CDNs to provide the appropriate resolution.

Remove the interlacing comb artifact when encoding 30i, 50i, 60i videos using the Deinterlacing function.

Broadcast videos up to 4K. The player will automatically select the optimal resolution depending on the viewer’s internet speed.

Stream sound in original quality without compression to provide viewers with a realistic experience of a concert or festival.

Utilize the WebRTC protocol for low-latency streaming in the viewer’s player.


Organize surveys and polls to know the opinions and increase awareness of your audience.

Add chats with pre-moderation (if necessary) and Q&A sessions with the speaker to increase viewers’ engagement.

Control the presence of viewers with special banners that require reactions.

Collect user contacts for analysis and effective communication during and after broadcasts.

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Branding and Embedding

Show White Label videos without mentioning the Facecast brand.

Expand your audience by simultaneously streaming to social networks and any other video platforms.

Manage existing and add new streams during the live broadcast.


Embed the player frame on your site to simplify access to broadcasts and video recordings.

Customize player elements and colors to match your website design.

Advanced Analytics

Add promotional banners that will be displayed to viewers during the broadcast for additional monetization of your events.

Analyze the points where viewers start and quit watching. This will give you a better understanding of how to increase the quality of the content.

Integrate Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics to track traffic sources and other metrics for effective ad management.

Collect viewers’ data with a registration form. Viewers should type their phone numbers and email addresses which can be used for post-event communication.


Protect your content from being copied and prevent illegal distribution with Watermarking (Facecast’s specifically developed feature).

Secure your videos with password protection. The password can be the same for everyone or unique for each viewer.

Bind personal passwords to viewer IPs to prevent multiple devices from accessing with the same password.

Restrict access to the broadcast by geolocation or IP.

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