Broadcast Live Sports

Stream games, tournaments, and matches to be seen by fans from all over the world. Your broadcasts will be streamed with WebRTC, available up to 4K resolution and protected from an illegal distribution with Watermarking.

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Connect your Events to Audiences

Privacy and Security

Protect Your Sporting content from illegal distribution with Watermarking — Facecast’s specifically developed feature.

4K Resolution

Stream the highest quality for maximum entertainment and viewer engagement.

Multilingual Events

Send audio in different languages to the platform as a multitrack. Your viewers will be able to switch to their preferred language.


Provide real-time streaming with zero latency, so that viewers can see the same image at the current moment, wherever they are, regardless of their internet speed.

Stream any Type of Sport Events with Ease

Easy to Setup and Use

Stream in 4K and higher for a fully detailed viewing experience. Use an extended buffer to minimize problems for users with spotty internet connections. Your broadcasts are available from any device, no download is required.

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Antipiracy Technology

Protect your broadcasts from restreaming and illegal copying with Watermarking – Facecast’s specially developed feature. Watermark technology creates an individual footprint for each viewer and allows you to trace the source of the leak.

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Connect with our Team

Our support team is happy to answer your questions about video tools and features 24/7.

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Uninterrupted Broadcasts

99% of streaming problems occur because of an unstable internet connection. Order Evacoder with bonding and guaranteed content delivery to prevent interruption of your broadcasts. Evacoder can accumulate up to 24 hours of airtime and send it to the network when connection problems are fixed. Viewers will see the broadcast from start to finish without interruption.

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Stream International Events

Connect up to 16 audio tracks with different languages so that viewers from different countries can watch the broadcast in their native language.

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Contact us to get more information about the platform, pricing or if you need a specific feature to be developed for your events. We look forward to hearing from you!

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