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Our hardware encoders provide uninterrupted high-quality broadcasts from anywhere in the world, even with an unstable Internet connection.

Our products


For live streams or virtual events from a studio.

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Evacoder X

A wide variety of features for local network video streaming.

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Evacoder Advantages


Combine up to 16 internet sources like LTE or Ethernet into one connection for a more reliable channel.

HEVC/H.265 or AVC/H.264

The H.265 codec allows you to reduce the bitrate by 1.5 - 2 times compared to H.264.

No more Disconnections

If you lose your internet connection or a camera signal, your viewers will see a message about the upcoming restoration of the stream. The broadcast will not stop.


Restreaming service is included. Organize up to 16 simultaneous streams to different destinations.

Basic information

Uninterrupted Live Streams

Due to the adaptive buffer, viewers can comfortably watch the entire broadcast from start to finish, even with a spotty internet connection.

Combining Multiple Internet Sources

Form one powerful, consistent internet connection to provide the necessary range, quality, and speed for professional live streaming.

Guaranteed Delivery

In case of interrupting connection Evacoder can accumulate up to 24 hours of video and deliver it to the network when possible.


Simultaneous streams to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and many other platforms are available out of the box.

Regular Updates

Software updates are installed automatically for security and comfort.

Customer support 24/7

Our support team is happy to answer all your questions any time.

Briefly about the company

8 years


100 000 +


41 year


Professional Streaming Encoder Hardware Solution

Local and Web Access to the Control Panel

Preview of the incoming video signal.
Balancing up to 16 connections.
Assignment of main/backup channels.
Combining multiple channels into one superfast internet connection.
Auto-switch to backup channels in case the main ones fail.

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