Healthcare Broadcasts and Continuing Medical Education

Make the online learning experience rewarding and increase the value of postgraduate medical education for your employees.

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A Platform for Pharmaceutical Events and Medical Conferences

Distance Learning

Online lectures and webinars will be seen by thousands of viewers, regardless of their location.

Audience Engagement

Polls and tests during broadcasts will help you to increase attendees' interaction and engagement.

Continuing Broadcasts

Bonding will maximize the speed of the connection for uninterrupted streaming.

Live Streams of Surgery

Broadcast surgical operations for educational purposes and save video recordings.

Customized Medical and Life Sciences Solution

Interactive Player

Stream in up to 4K resolution, create polls and answer viewers’ questions in a chat. The player works on any device, even if a viewer has a slow internet connection.

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Advanced Analytics

Get to know your audience with detailed real-time analytics. Know how your videos are being watched, download reports to Excel or PDF, and see analytics for each individual viewer.

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Attendee Tracking

Control whether your viewers are actively watching your broadcasts with attendee tracking pop-up banners. The banners appear randomly and the viewers have to click on them to confirm their presence at the event.

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Registration Form

Collect viewers’ data with a registration form. Viewers should type their phone numbers and email addresses which can be used for post-event communication.

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Multilingual Broadcasts

Organize online events with experts from all around the world. The broadcast can be translated into multiple languages by interpreters and sent to the platform as a multitrack. Your viewers will be able to switch to their preferred language while watching the video.

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Contact us to get more information about the platform, our prices or if you need a specifically developed feature.

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