Unleashing Revenue Streams: How Facecast Provided PPV Broadcasts to Monetize Culinary Workshops



Earn additional income for your business by monetizing through pay-per-view (PPV) broadcasts.


Specialty Cake Studio


Conducting workshops, based on PPV streams, with unique password access for each user.

We’ve got a call from a Specialty Cake Studio. They were successfully working offline but wanted to conduct online workshops. The cake studio was not an ordinary bakery. It specializes in crafting beautiful wedding cakes and arranging dessert tables for large-scale events. Each cake is unique, and each recipe is individual.

To try Facecast functionality the team conducted trial masterclasses. Soon it became clear that the demand for their online content was high.

Viewers watched the workshops from different cities and countries. so the final solution should have handled high loads while offering features such as an easy interface to sell tickets (PPV), online chat, Q&A sessions, and polls.


The Facecast platform fully met the client’s requirements. Each broadcast we provided lasted approximately 4 hours and attracted hundreds of viewers. However, the total number of tickets sold during our collaboration exceeded this number because viewers also had the option to purchase access to the recorded session after the online event concluded.



One of the culinary bloggers, the founder of the project, described working with Facecast as follows: “Conducting broadcasts helps gather feedback. You can interact with your audience, work with the feedback, and see participants’ requests. Also, it’s a time economy. I spend approximately 16 hours preparing and conducting an offline masterclass, whereas, for an online broadcast, it’s 4 hours. There are absolutely no organizational difficulties compared to offline, and the reach of participants is much greater.”

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