Internal Network Broadcasting


Do you need to conduct internal network broadcasts accessible only to company employees? Facecast offers more than just a solution – it provides a comprehensive infrastructure for organizing stable broadcasts within local networks and creating full-fledged video portals.

✔️ You can connect the SSO/Active Directory service for employee access using corporate accounts. This solution is convenient and secure, as personal data will not be transmitted outside the company.

✔️ Instead of costly internet bandwidth expansion, you can use Facecast’s caching servers for broadcasts without the necessity for all employees to access the internet simultaneously. Traffic economy can reach 1:1000. For example, for 1000 and 10,000 live viewers within the network, an internet bandwidth of only ~30 Mbps is required. Our solution takes into account the geographical distribution of company branches, allowing for an even greater traffic economy without compromising reliability.

You can read more about internal network broadcasts here. If you have any questions or want to implement our system into your Enterprise, contact us anytime.

internal network broadcasts

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