Facecast is going to represent Russia at Web Summit 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal this November

Facecast is a unique platform for online streaming that helps users protect content while not losing a single minute of live broadcast. Facecast also solves problems other platforms can't tackle, like utilizing multiple connections, local buffering and autoupload in case of internet outages, and reimagined DRM techniques.

We’re happy to announce that Facecast will release new and unique features at Web Summit 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal from November 8th to 11th. Facecast was selected to join the ALPHA program in Software with other emerging startups from all over the world.

Here are a few details of the exciting presentation:

Reimagined algorithm for DRM

About a year ago Facecast specialists developed a reimagined algorithm for DRM (Digital Rights Management) called Facecast Content Protection (FCP). This idea is based on special periodic marks in video and sound tracks which are unique for every spectator. This feature was developed based on client request and since the release no valuable video lectures have been stolen.


One more exciting and unique Facecast invention is Streambox, which solves a few very important problems for live streamers, like internet outages. For example, Streambox can utilize up to 8 different internet connections and it can locally buffer and automatically upload content after reconnection that guarrantee content delivery from camera to spectators.

Multi Camera Video Player

Our third innovation is a Multi Camera Video Player. Let’s say you shoot an event with up to 4 cameras. Now, you can let online spectators choose which picture they want to watch right now. They switch from one camera screen to another seamlessly and the sound track does not interrupt. This feature was developed specially for Moscow State Philharmonic Society.

For more details find us at Web Summit in Software area or contact us:
Facecast @ Facebook
Facecast @ Twitter

Facecast at Websummit This great welcome picture is made by YoStratups.com

Facecast was started in Moscow, Russia in 2013 after 4 friends build a special server and created a new video player to stream online their own events. Since then our specialists created our own streaming platform based on open source codes (not Wowza) that it has all popular features like Time Shift/DVR, FullHD, chat, stats, public and password protected broadcasts. Additionally, Facecast can accept payments from spectators from all over the world and has its own servers and CDN system support and many more. And as it is said above this year we developed and released Streambox and reimagined DRM

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